Awkward moment scammer accidentally calls the POLICE


A phone scammer has been left red-faced after unwittingly targeting the police.

The caller, who announced himself to be ‘Greg’, claimed to be from New Zealand-based phone company Spark.

He also appeared oblivious to the fact he just directly called an officer of the NZ police force.

While speaking with the officer, the scammer pretended he was calling about an internet connection.

‘You did an online survey… according to our survey you need to know that your internet is not running on a secure line, okay?’ he said.

Unfortunately for the scammer, Dan from the NZ Police Communication Centre wasn’t easily tricked.

‘Well you’ve called the New Zealand Police so I’d be very surprised if our internet wasn’t secure,’ Dan replied.

‘It’s the police?’ he stammered. ‘Oh… okay, I’m sorry to bother you.’

Posting a recording of the call to Twitter, an officer wrote ‘That awkward moment when you realize you’ve tried to phone scam NZ Police.’

Spark also responded to the Tweet, assuring customers the scammers have nothing to do with their company.

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