Australian nurse marries a convicted killer in American jail

Now she's fighting for his freedom...

A Melbourne nurse who married a convicted killer serving a 63-year sentence in an American jail is now campaigning to have him released.

Danielle Laskie, 47, met former US marine, Tim Wright, 30, two years ago through a prison penpal program.

Now Ms Laskie has spoken to 60 Minutes about the unconventional relationship, saying she won’t stop fighting to have him freed.

Wright was convicted of first-degree murder in 2008, when he was 22, for the drive-by shooting of Justin Baumgardner and now has no more avenues for parole. Prosecutors said Wright shot the victim in a rage over a girl they were both allegedly dating. But Wright has long denied this version of events and maintains his innocence.

When the pair started exchanging letters, Ms Laskie said she quickly fell for the convicted criminal.

‘He is probably one of the most kindest, gentlest people that I’ve ever known,’ she said.

‘I felt I knew everything about him.’

So when he proposed over the phone before they’d even met in person, Ms Laskie didn’t hesitate in saying yes.

She then flew to Virginia, USA, to marry Wright in the prison visiting room. She now spends most of her time looking for new avenues to appeal her husband’s conviction.

Ms Laskie is adament her husband is innocent and that their relationship can stand the test of time.

‘I just know. Absolutely know,’ she said.

‘I think if our relationship can survive now, it can survive anything.’

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