Aussie woman who works at Spotlight slams PM over slashes to penalty rates

Asks Turnbull if he could get by on $600 a week.
7 News

Aussie workers in retail, fast food, hospital and pharmacies have been told they will no longer get penalty rates for working Sundays and public holidays.

In response, a Spotlight employee, Evelyn Kathner demands the PM try living on $600 a week – the amount she makes working full time at her store in Campbelltown, NSW.

Ms Kathner stands to have her paycheck cut by $80, which she says is a ‘huge amount’ at the end of the week.

“Could anybody do the maths on how much they have to spend on their groceries, on their rent, on their water, on their Internet?

“I am sure it is going to come way above $600. $80 is a huge amount.’

She asked the PM to walk a mile in her shoes.

‘Malcolm Turnbull, can you live on $600? Try it.’

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