Aussie woman’s eerie video to mum just weeks before she dies in horror motorbike crash in Bali

This is just tragic.

Haunting video footage of Aussie woman Ella Makeesha Knights has emerged following her tragic death from a scooter crash in Bali.

The 26-year-old Queenslander was found on the side of the road in north Kuta and was taken to a nearby medical clinic where she was pronounced dead.

In the video she shared on social media just weeks ago, she apologised to her mother for not wearing a helmet.

(Credit: Instagram)

She captioned the video with “Sorry mum” alongside the hashtag “no helmet”.

Badung Precinct Traffic Police Chief Raka Wiratma said officers believe she lost control of the scooter. According to witnesses Makeesha Knights was seen riding without a helmet.

Loved ones have paid tribute to the Aussie, with her friend Rinaldi Pandika telling The Daily Telegraph “she brought a smile to everyone she spoke to”.

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