Man punches kangeroo to save his dog trapped in a headlock

The most Aussie thing that has ever happened.

A video of an Australian man punching a kangaroo straight in the chops has emerged online and it easily takes the cake for the most Aussie thing ever seen on the internet.

This wasn’t just a case of a bogan looking to show off his boxing skills against Skippy, however – the kangaroo in question had taken hold of the man’s dog which prompted the owner to take action.

In the footage, Greg rushes to save his loyal companion Max before the kangaroo turns his attention to the man.

‘The buck roo sees the odds stacking against him and tries to get the dog with its claws one last time,’ the narrator says.

‘Its powerful arms anchor the dog by the breastplate as Max doubles his efforts to escape.

‘Finally the roo switches his attention to ‘Donks’ and sizes up the human to be his next victim.

‘Donks gives the kangaroo his face but the cranky buck comes forward ready to attack.’

Greg unleashes a powerful right straight to the schnoz of the kangaroo who is startled – but not hurt – by the impact, and ends up hopping away into the distance.

Only in Australia!


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