Amazing video shows the moment Bear the dog was freed after 15 years on a heavy chain

The beautiful dog walks free.
Guardians of Rescue / Facebook

After 15 years chained to his doghouse, Bear the dog has had his hefty chain cut.


The dog had been stuck in the same spot for a decade-and-a-half suffering harsh winters and carrying his heavy chain. The owner, who has not been named, agreed to let Bear go after  being contacted by an animal rights group.


Sharing the video to Facebook, Guardians of Rescue president Robert Misseri said: ‘We knew that we had to do something to make a difference in that dog’s life.’ 

Bear was treated to grooming at a pet spa before going to the dog park and a swimming pool. But the most tear-jerking moment was when he went to the beach – for the very first time!


He’s being looked after by the Guardians of Rescue until he can find a forever home.

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