A modelling agency rejected this boy with Down syndrome. This was his mum’s awesome response…

Now he's scored an ad campaign!
Facebook - Asher's Down Right Perfect

When Meagan Nash submitted photos of her 15-month-old son, Asher, to a modelling agency she never expected the shocking response she would receive.

Asher has Down syndrome and loves being in front of the camera.

However she was told that Asher’s photos hasn’t been submitted for a campaign because the company hadn’t specified that they wanted ‘children with special needs’.

‘My first thought was how in the world does she know they don’t want a child with a disability if they haven’t even seen his picture?’ Meagan told the The Huffington Post.

‘A lot needs to change in the advertisement world and people need to realize that babies, children and adults with disabilities deserve to be in advertisements just as much as a typical person does.’

So the brave US mum set about changing the way people view beauty.

Writing an emotional post on the Changing The Face of Beauty Facebook page, her post quickly went viral, with photos of the adorable tot being beamed around the world.

Clothing company OshKosh B’gosh were quick to get in touch with Asher’s mum and arrange for him to do a photo shoot.

Meagan is hoping Asher’s story will encourage companies to be inclusive of people with disabilities.

To read more, visit Asher’s Down Right Perfect.

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