5-week-old baby fights for his life after anti-vaxxer parents refuse routine injection

It wasn’t even a vaccine.

A newborn baby boy has suffered a catastrophic brain haemorrhage after his parents refused to let doctors give him a routine injection.

The five-week-old baby boy is recovering in Brisbane’s Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital after being transferred from Lismore.

The Daily Telegraph reports that only weeks after refusing the standard vitamin K injection, the newborn boy was rushed to hospital where it was discovered he had bleeding on the brain.

The vitamin K shot aids with blood clotting, and is a standard preventative measure for newborn babies who are naturally deficient in vitamin K.

Daily Mail reports that since the shot was introduced in the 1970s babies dying from fatal hemorrhage disease have dropped from 15 babies per year to almost zero.

Six babies have died of the condition after their parents refused the vitamin K shot.

The baby is now recovering in critical care, and if he survives it is highly likely he will have to live with permanent disabilities.

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