14 year old girl’s death threat terror over same sex marriage

Her mother has alerted the police.

A young girl has been left in fear after a father sent her death threats after sharing her support of same-sex marriage.

Concerned mother of the 14-year-old-girl shared screenshots of the father’s chilling warning on Facebook to Twitter in which she received overwhelming support from other users.

The mother addressed her powerful tweet to the Prime Minister: ‘Hey @TurnbullMalcolm this is my 14yo daughter getting a death threat from a school friend’s father because she wrote a fb post supporting SSM.’

Since sharing the post to Twitter, she has received over 800 retweets.

One user said: ‘I’m so sorry that this has happened. This govt have so much to answer for.’

The woman has since got in touch with Dubbo police and are currently investigating the matter.

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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