Weekly horoscope: July 4 – July 11 2024

What do the stars and planets have in store for you this week?
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Psychic astrologer Kris Fontaine guides us through this week in astrology and what the planets have in store for your star sign.

July 4 to July 11


March 21 – April 20 

Tap into your personal power. From Wednesday you can turn the wheel so things start to work in your favour. You’ll know exactly who you’re dealing with when meeting the in-laws, your co-workers or a newbie.

Lucky numbers 4, 13, 29


April 21 – May 21 

You have an epiphany concerning the way you choose to date, be in a relationship or end relationships. Have a think: how can you bring loved ones together for an important event or announcement with minimum raucousness?

Lucky numbers 2, 6, 10


May 22 – June 21 

Take the opportunity to give your social side a workout, Gemini, before staying in solitude becomes your new normal. If single, it’s the next step up from online chatting. Masking a domestic issue with platitudes might just work this time.

Lucky numbers 17, 28, 42


June 22 – July 23 

With your need for family connection, more personal space or quality partner-time vibing, Cancer, there’s no time like Friday to speak your truth. Why not just lock in an appointment with that specialist or learning centre already?

Lucky numbers 14, 26, 39


July 24 – August 23 

Ready to take a few risks with relationships? If you stay stagnant, Leo, your current partnership could fold, a new connection might fizzle or you’re in for a long stretch of singledom. A stalled financial arrangement becomes active again.

Lucky numbers 12, 15, 22


August 24 – September 23

A family or work mashup makes telling your latest story or relaying your new plans awkward, Virgo, but still do-able. Get serious about what you want the end result to be with a home makeover or training program.

Lucky numbers 11, 18, 25


September 24 – October 23 

Will you be the stand-out at the work interview, social occasion or during speed-dating? With your X-factor behind you, Libra, you’re in fine form. Getting from A-to-B is easier thanks to new wheels.

Lucky numbers 7, 23, 41


October 24 – November 22 

Are you finally realising your aptitudes, abilities or talents far exceed the dribblers who use bully tactics to attain their goals? Start exploring ways to get back in touch with past connections or your semi-retired minx.

Lucky numbers 1, 22, 44


November 23 – December 21 

You’re seriously back! Following a ferocious family or financial fail, Sagittarius, welcome a connection recovery with loved ones or major monetary movement. The silver lining to a relationship downturn is the personal space at your fingertips.

Lucky numbers 8, 33, 35


December 22 – January 20 

Know this person’s history? Get the intel, Capricorn, before tackling a family decision or money matter together. Heeding those subliminal messages seeping through your consciousness? They’re screaming ‘yes’ to a relocation or job shift.

Lucky numbers 3, 34, 45


January 21 – February 19

Up for trying a different approach ASAP? Actively listening to family voice their feelings, Aquarius, is like a wrecking ball for those emotional walls. Monday’s big declaration features upgraded policies or a gender reveal.

Lucky numbers 6, 37, 43


February 20 – March 20

It’s so liberating to announce what’s been on your mind for months, Pisces, but expect a mixed response from your clued-up audience. Tricky business when placed in your hands morphs into puzzle-solved.

Lucky numbers 5, 30, 40

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