Weekly horoscope: June 27 – July 3 2024

What do the stars and planets have in store for you this week?
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Psychic astrologer Kris Fontaine guides us through this week in astrology and what the planets have in store for your star sign.

June 27 to July 3


March 21 – April 20 

It’s no big deal if you don’t settle a financial changeover, home deposit or family money issue immediately. You receive that craved recognition for something you created or from someone you love.

Lucky numbers 20, 30, 42


April 21 – May 21 

Where has that team spirit disappeared to? If you want a group activity, family holiday or shared investment to take off, Taurus, employ some empathy. A romantic moment with your lover confirms the next step.

Lucky numbers 17, 33, 41


May 22 – June 21 

Focus fast. Your roving attention needs to find its way back to those big goals, concerned family members or your forever relationship. Whatever comes to completion on Friday could lead to more happiness than you imagined.

Lucky numbers 22, 40, 45


June 22 – July 23 

Are you ready to reach out to loved ones, co-workers or financial institutions? If you’re afraid of rejection, keep in mind your past loyalty to others. There’s fun on Saturday when you’re with a soulmate.

Lucky numbers 25, 29, 37


July 24 – August 23 

A radical junction in your life holds answers to a body issue, clarity about a revolving relationship or absolute transparency regarding a residential matter. Accessing cash or comfort more easily is a blessing.

Lucky numbers 2, 8, 10


August 24 – September 23

You’re unapologetic about staying in seclusion to finish a personal project or getting to know someone online. The pressure is on to bring extended family together for that reunion or organise a warranted community charity.

Lucky numbers 14, 19, 21


September 24 – October 23 

If things continue to heat up on the relationship front, Libra, flag a cooling down day to restore your energy and peace. Dialling up your shopping streak are online fashion sales or local furniture markdowns.

Lucky numbers 38, 43, 44


October 24 – November 22 

Block the bad banter. Those highs and lows are becoming a bit boring, Scorpio, so maybe it’s time to cut ties and move on. Wednesday prompts you to take part in an activity capable of supplementing your income.

Lucky numbers 1, 8, 16


November 23 – December 21 

If duty calls and you aren’t willing to jump when someone says ‘jump’, lock in that awkward conversation asap. Tempted by someone’s body language or attitude? It might be game on at long last.

Lucky numbers 18, 23, 39


December 22 – January 20 

Not sure who should foot that large bill in your household or work zone? Someone unexpected might step up and save the day, Capricorn. Tap into the power that good health and physical fitness bring to the table.

Lucky numbers 3, 6, 27


January 21 – February 19

Success and stability are your backdrop, Aquarius, so it’s no wonder your built-in benevolence roams rampant with loved ones and beloved charities. It’s a stretch expecting a relative to recycle that coveted piece of clothing.

Lucky numbers 15, 21, 39


February 20 – March 20

Dive right in, Pisces. A financially fuelled Monday kicks off a whole new phase. This could establish you in ways you once felt were out of your league. All the best bits of a relationship are worth hanging on to.

Lucky numbers 11, 12, 19

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