Lure Hsu: Anti-Aging Secrets

How does Lure stay so young?

Everyone wants to know the secret of defying aging and it seems Lure Hsu is holding all the answers. 

You should never ask a woman how old she is..but after pictures of Lure Hsu went viral the world instantly became obsessed over this woman and her age. 

Here are the most asked questions about the woman who seems to stay forever young. 

So, who is Lure Hsu?

Interior designer Lure Hsu first came onto the scene after being spotted with her sister, actress Sharon Hsu, 38.

What nationality is Lure? 

Lure was born and raised in Taiwan. 

At 43-years-old pictures of Lure have been floating around the internet due to her incredibly young looks – take a look, she certainly turned back the clock on aging!

With nearly 800k followers online Lure can often been seen in bikini’s and has been compared to a 21-year-old student.

Flaunting her gorgeous features online, she has finally spoken out and is sharing her secrets of staying forever young!

Lure’s tips to rewind time:


  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat plenty of fruit and veg
  • One cup of black coffee every morning

What to avoid-

  • Meat – swap out your red protein for a strict vegetarian diet
  • Sugary drinks
  • Greasy foods

According to The Sun she also adds a dose of Vitamin C and collagen in the morning as her ‘wake up’ supplements.

Lure has also revealed that it is not just what she fuels her body with, it is also how she treats her body. She shares a huge tip of keeping young is feeling young. Plenty of exercise is the key!

Lure’s skincare routine:

  • Moisturise – every day! Cream can help reduce fine lines, other skin problems and overall minimise signs of ageing.

“To keep healthy skin the sun is also very important, but not excessive exposure to it – especially in the summer.” Lure told Friday Magazine.

  • Confessing some of her favourite brands include SK-II and La Prairie she also says that sunscreen or a moisturiser with a high SPF is a must. 

Does Lure wear makeup?

Donning a more natural look, Lure is about letting her natural beauty shine through. Using minimal products, she always rocks her flawless complexion with a touch of blush and sometimes goes for a bolder winged liner look.

Lure’s Family Life

We suspect good genes have something to do with it with Lure’s mother May Wang, 65, passing off as her sister! Along with Sharon, Lure also has another sister FayFay, 44, and brother Tom but he and their dad are a lot more camera shy!

Is Lure Married?

Lure is currently single! 

Often accused of going under the knife Lure assures her followers that she hasn’t had plastic surgery and that anyone can rewind the aging process with a good moisturiser and healthy eating. 

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