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Chilling pics show how this baby boy’s meningitis rash started with just a few dots

The poor boy!
Annabella Hanslow / Facebook

A mum whose baby boy got sick with meningitis has shared photos that show a scary rash starting as just pink pricks, before spreading over the poor boy’s entire body in just hours.

Annabella Hanslow, 26, began to worry when her 16-week-old boy, Ashley-Jay, developed a fever. But when she noticed his rash she rushed him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with meningitis and septicaemia.

With her partner, Kieran, Annabella waited anxiously for news about her baby.

Thankfully after a few days the rash started to fade, but little Ashley’s body is still swollen and he’s on a cocktail of drugs to help stave off the infection.

In a Facebook group set up by Annabella’s sister called Support Baby Ashley where they’re sharing updates on Ashley-Jay’s progress and friends and family are sending their wishes for him to get well soon.

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