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A wrong number found me a husband

A simple mistake changed Kasey's life
Kasey and Henry Bergh
Our age gap was never an issue
Kasey Bergh/Supplied

When Kasey Bergh sent a text to a wrong number, she could never have imagined how things would pan out. Despite a 30-year age gap, that text had gone to the man of her dreams. Here, Kasey, 59, tells her story in her own words…

Hanging up the phone at my hotel, I was disappointed. I’d been away on a work trip for a few days, but my colleague Maria’s flight had been delayed and I’d been looking forward to seeing her. None of my other co-workers were free either.

Frustrated, I texted an old workmate, Robert. Hey, it’s Kasey, I wrote. I was supposed to connect with Maria… Wanted to see if I could connect with anyone else… A short while later, I got a reply.

Sorry, you’ve got the wrong number. Cringing with embarrassment, I read on. But if I wasn’t heading to work, I’d be down to hang 😉 ‘Ha!’ I smiled, the wrong number had been very nice about it.

Texting back, we swapped a few friendly messages and I learnt he lived in the same town as me. When I still hadn’t met any co-workers by that night, he tried to cheer me up. Positive thoughts bring positive results! he said, recommending a film about attracting positivity called The Secret.

I loved that film! It’s how I live my life, I replied. Blown away by the amazing coincidence, we swapped email addresses. The mystery man’s name was Henry. I wonder how old he is? I thought. At 53, I didn’t mind being friends with people of all ages, but I was curious.

Just then, he beat me to it. Can I ask how old you are? he wrote.

Kasey Bergh and Henry
The day I met Henry in person (Credit: Kasey Bergh/Supplied)

I’m 25 in my heart! I replied, hinting I was a more mature lady. He revealed he was 23. I still think we could be friends, I thought. So I came clean. Here it is, I’m 53, I wrote. Henry was totally unfazed.

And when he told me he was looking for career advice, I was happy to help. So we arranged to meet for a coffee. Sitting at a cafe table a week later, I saw Henry walk through the door.

Wow! He’s tall! I thought. As the conversation flowed we even made plans to go to a concert that night. Watching the show, I suddenly felt Henry put his arms around me.

Oh… okay, I thought, surprised. Since my divorce six years earlier, I’d not found a spark with anyone. But this was like electricity! Sharing a kiss, we never looked back. The 30-year age gap between us wasn’t a big deal.

‘It’s our connection that matters, not our ages,’ I said. What was more amazing was that a wrong number had found me love! ‘It was just meant to be,’ I laughed. When it was time to meet his parents, I felt nervous. Am I older than them? I wondered. They could be in their 40s!

Kasey and Henry Bergh
Our age gap was never an issue (Credit: Kasey Bergh/Supplied)

But to my relief, Elaine and Tom were both older than me – and welcomed me with open arms. My family were thrilled for me too. After two months we moved in together and I encouraged Henry to follow his dreams of working as a software engineer.

We discovered lots of shared loves despite our generation gap. ‘I’m a bit of an old soul,’ Henry said as we booked to see a Pink Floyd tribute act. But I still leave him to his electronic dance music!

Sometimes people confused me for his mum. ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’ a supermarket cashier grinned. ‘Oh, he’s not my son,’ I said, as he turned beetroot.

Two years to the day since we swapped texts, Henry organised a date night. Looking out over the city from the balcony of a bar we’d visited on our first date, Henry pulled out a ring. ‘Will you marry me?’ he asked. ‘Yes!’ I beamed.

We arranged the big day to fall on our fourth anniversary. Choosing the perfect restaurant by a river, we asked our friend Judy to be our celebrant, and I found my dream dress – a hippyish white one with a pink train.

Kasey Bergh
We just clicked right away (Credit: Kasey Bergh/Supplied)

Then, three days before the big day, the venue called to say they’d been flooded. Staying calm, we pulled together, deciding to swap vows at one of Henry’s favourite spots, a mural covered wall next to the river, before going to a cafe to celebrate.

Standing in front of 30 close family and friends, I was thrilled to start married life with such a smart, open-hearted man.

Then, in March 2017, I had some bad news about my health. A kidney transplant I’d had back in 1995, was failing. Starting dialysis, doctors told me I’d need a new donor kidney as soon as I was well enough for the operation.

‘I’ll get tested,’ Henry said, without hesitation. Wow! That text might have found me a man, and a kidney! I thought. Amazingly Henry was a match and we’re hoping the surgery will go ahead at the end of March.

When people hear our story, I’m thrilled when they are inspired to be open about who they chat to, and even who they date. After all, you never know what the universe has in store!

Henry, 29, said: Usually when I get a wrong number text, I just send back a polite message to let them know. But when I saw Kasey’s, for some reason I decided to be more friendly.

We grew up in completely different eras, but I’ve always felt like an old soul so the age gap was never a concern for me. It’s odd to think that a wrong number brought us together, but some things are meant to be.

UPDATE: Kasey’s transplant when ahead and she received Henry’s kidney. Both Kasey and Henry are recovering well from the surgery. Follow their story here: Kasey Bergh and Henry Glendening

Kasey Bergh
After some surprises, our wedding day was beautiful (Credit: Kasey Bergh/Supplied)

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