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Shocking photo of woman who confused hair-removal cream with shampoo

This picture is sweeping the internet - but not everyone is convinced it's true.
Twitter / Kaycon000

A shocking photo is sweeping the internet showing the dire consequences of when you confuse hair-removal cream with shampoo!

Kayla Connors posted pictures of her sister, bald but for wisps of hair either side of her head, to Twitter with the caption declaring ‘MY SISTER THOUGHT NAIR WAS SHAMPOO’.

‘Such a horrendous Photoshop, look at the hairline,’ one viewer wrote, according to Daily Mail

Another suggested that Kayla used an app to create the bald look – ‘Isn’t this just a bald app? The top left of her scalp looks glitched out.’

Woman who confused nair with shampoo
Geniune mistake? Or a hoax? (Credit: Twitter / Kaycon000)

Sceptical comments also pointed out that hair-removal cream doesn’t work that well or that quickly. Others commented that given the pungent smell of the cream you’d realise your mistake long before any harm was done.

Do you believe it?

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