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Woman says she ‘won’t abort’ baby if she gets 4,000 retweets

It gets weirder..

A woman’s tweet has gone viral after she threatened to abort her baby if she got fewer than 4,000 retweets.

Clearly she got her 4,000 retweets – with many people slamming her for using such a horrible threat to boost her social media profile. But there was one commenter who seemed to care more than others. The baby’s father:

Her reply was that she’s sorry he found out that way – but that was why she was asking him for money but then he blocked her. Then it got (more?) ridiculous:

She sold his dog to get tickets to see this guy?!

And around about the time this woman joined in the fight we figured this was probably being staged. If it wasn’t – then these people need help.

Of course by now the thread had become everyone’s favourite show, as twist after twist emerged. But for us, the responses are just as good as the main event!

This article first published on New Idea.

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