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Woman refuses to kiss boyfriend for a month after he eats horse manure for $65


Sickening footage has emerged of a footie fan eating a chunk of horse poo as a dare for the promise of winning £40 (around $65 AUD) from his mates.

The video shows Charlie Bamber picking up a nugget of horse poo, and putting it in his mouth, gagging, and eating it then brandishing his winnings.

When asked to explain himself he told The Sun: ‘I’m a bit messed up really. I’m always doing slightly mad stuff’

‘Obviously the lads were egging me on and so I just went for it. I’d had a few pints and thought ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’

He later used a whole tube of toothpaste to wash out his mouth, saying he had to ‘smarten up a bit’ before his evening plans.

Charlie’s review of his snack was fairly unsurprising:

‘It tasted like crap. My girlfriend wouldn’t kiss me for a month after.’

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