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‘Missing’ woman found after she joins her own search party

So funny!

A woman who was missing for hours in Iceland was found after it was discovered she was part of her own search party.

The unnamed woman was part of a bus tour group travelling through Iceland. They’d stopped at an the beautiful volcanic Eldgja Canyon when members of the bus tour feared one of the group had gone missing.

Jumping into action, they started a search party which lasted hours and was still going at 3am. 

That’s when a woman realised that she was in fact the ‘missing’ passenger!

It turned out she’s changed her clothes and hadn’t recognised the description of herself, so had therefore joined the search.

After a clipping of the newspaper story was shared on Twitter, people replied saying it had really cheered them up. 

‘I really needed that laugh. Funny because you can actually see that happening,’ said one user.

‘That’s the funniest thing I heard all day,’ added another.

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