Woman gives birth on a plane 5 hours mid-flight

Airline staff and passengers scramble to help woman who suddenly goes into labour mid-air.
Missy Berberabe Umandal

A mother due to give birth in October suddenly goes into labour 5 hours into an international flight from Dubai to the Philippines, according to a fellow passenger who witnessed the incredible event unfold.

Apparently the new mum started having contractions around 5 hours into the 9-hour flight. Flight attendants were soon busy helping the woman, along with two nurses who were coincidentally passengers on the flight.

‘We only heard one semi-loud screech, and a few seconds later, there were tinier, cute screeches, and it was when we knew the baby was born,’ explains the post.

Apparently the woman then stood up, baby in arms, and sat back in her seat before the plane made an emergency stop in India so the premature baby could be checked by doctors.

Other mothers were apparently on the flight and donated clothes and necessities to the new mum.

The Facebook user who posted this incredible story signs off thanking her own mum and wishing the woman a fast recovery:

‘To the woman, in the hopes she gets to read this: we understand you are resting and giving time to take care of your baby, but we are all hoping for your quick recovery and a lifetime of happiness to your beautiful child! And Mom, this experience made me appreciate you so so so much more than I already do. When my future children ask me what my greatest memory with my mother was, I would tell them of this extraordinary moment we shared.’

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