Breastfeeding mum’s heartbreaking warning to not feed baby in bed

She doesn't want anyone to go through what she's going through.

A new mum from the US has shared a warning on Facebook after she nodded off during feeding and woke to nightmare.

It greatly pains me and shames me that this happened but I have to ask you all to please share and spread the word.’ Kristin Hoffman’s post begins.

‘No matter how tired you are as a mother, GET UP AND GO TO A CHAIR or somewhere you wont fall asleep when you feed your child at night.’

Kristin goes on to describe how she nodded off while breastfeeding her son. When she woke up, she discovered him among the covers, apparently suffocated.


‘My precious son slipped off my breast and into the covers of my bed early Sunday morning and into heaven,’ she writes.

She shared the emotional story as a warning to mums so they never experience the tragedy she has to endure.  

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