HUGE engagement ring is slammed on Facebook

Would you wear it?

A woman has sparked debate on the internet after uploading a snap of a rather strange looking ring.

Many were left baffled by the picture, which was shared by a lady from Massachusetts and posted to the Facebook group, That’s It, I’m ring Shaming.

Embellished with an array of different coloured stones and featuring a cream-hued centered stone, the enormous ring spans from the index to the little finger.

Users in the private group, which has been created specifically to mock jewellery pieces, were quick to critize the unusual ring.

One person quipped, ‘I have that clock in my kitchen,’ while another added, ‘Why the hell is she wearing a coaster.’

Engagement ring Facebook comments
(Credit: Facebook)

Whereas another simply wrote, ‘Anyone who genuinely likes this should be locked up, they are unstable and a danger to society.’

Others mentioned the dog who can be seen in the background of the picture, writing, ‘Even the dog depressed about it bro,’ and, ‘Even the dog looks upset.’

But some people were quick to point out the positive side to the giant ring, joking, ‘Convenient place to put a snack tbh, Catch me snacking daintily off my ring.’

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