Trash or Treasure? The craziest things found at Sydney Airport

From iPads to power tools, travellers have left behind thousands of dollars worth of luggage
7 News

Rushing through the airport juggling boarding passes and passports, dragging a tamtruming tot or racing for a flight. It’s no wonder things get left behind along the way – iphones, stuffed toys, laptops even a power tool. 

In Sydney airport last year hundreds of pieces of lost property were found and now they’re all up for grabs in a huge charity auction. It’s a sale of 1000 items, from digital cameras to bottles of vodka, with starting prices of just $1.

Hundreds of cameras were left behind
Hundreds of cameras, laptops and other electronic devices are up for grabs (Credit: 7 News)

And it’s not just your run-of-the-mill items like mobile phones and laptops left behind. Boxes of stuffed koalas and kangeroos find their way into the lost property department as well as a stranger items like a Star Wars light sabre, a Chinese tea set and staff once found someone’s false leg. A chainsaw, a $1500 Gucci handbag and a trumpet are also included in the auction.

A Russian talking doll, one of the stranger items left behind
A Russian talking doll, one of the stranger items left behind (Credit: 7 News)

Airport bosses are hoping to raise $250,000 for charity in the annual event. There’s a big, public viewing of the spoils on 10 October and then all the bidding will take place online.

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