This mum’s $5 carpet cleaning trick has the internet OBSESSED


One mum’s ingenious $5 carpet cleaning hack has taken the internet by storm. 

Instagram star Sophie Hinchcliffe – known online as Mrs Hinch – revealed the secrets behind her sparkling clean carpet.

Sharing impeccable before-and-after photographs, Mrs Hinch shocked fans after divulging the cheap household product she used.

Incredibly, the tool the British 28-year-old used was none other than the humble $5 window squeegee.

According to Mrs Hinch, the squeegee is perfect for getting those hard-to-reach areas and is great at picking up tiny hairs, dust and fibres from the carpet.

After posting her ‘hack’ to her 2.3 million followers, hundreds of people jumped on the bandwagon and shared their results.

But Mrs Hinch warned the squeegee would reveal hidden dirt and grub you never knew your carpet even had.

‘Always thought we had clean carpets but after using @mrshinchhome tip to squeegee the carpet — all this pet hair come up — disgusted is an understatement,’ one person wrote.

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