Baby girl BURNED by a slow cooker

Facebook/Vanesa Herrera

A one-year-old bub has been left with severe second degree burns to her face and body after she pulled a slow cooker off the counter.

Mum Vanesa Hererra was making dinner on September 18, while her little one, Azra, toddled around the kitchen in her walker.

‘Usually, the routine is to put her in the high chair, give her a snack and then do whatever I needed to do but, this day, I put her in the walker,’ Vanesa told news station KFOR.

‘The Crock Pot was still plugged into the island, and she got over there and pulled it down.’

The piping hot juice from the meat inside spilled out – scalding the little girl.

After spending two weeks in hospital, adorable Azra is back at home and expected to make a full recovery.

But Vanessa wants to urge mums and dads to watch their kids extra carefully around household appliances.

‘You never think it could happen to you – and you hear that a lot but, when it does happen to you, there’s just no words to really describe the feeling,’ Vanesa said.

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