Police officer cuddles baby after both her parents overdose

A heartwarming moment in a tragic situation
Facebook / Brian Burton

A picture of a police officer cradling a one-month-old baby after both her parents overdosed has gone viral.

Officer Michelle Burton arrived at the baby’s home to to find the father dead and the mother unconscious.

The baby girl along with her three siblings aged seven, three and two were taken into protective custody.

Michelle, from Alabama, says she looked after the kids for seven hours while foster homes were found.

‘I took all my equipment off and got the baby and just held her because I know babies like to be held. She slept and slept until she couldn’t sleep anymore.’

Michelle’s husband Brian, who’s a sergeant, took the photo of his wife and uploaded it to Facebook.

He told how she got home at 4am: ‘I’ve never seen her more beautiful than in this picture. What an incredible woman.’


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