Man hits $100,000 jackpot on pokie machine but casino loophole means he went home empty-handed

Someone else got to take the money instead!

A man in the US is spitting chips after hitting the $100,000 jackpot on a slot machine only to have his friend walk away with the winnings because of the this one technicality.

Jan Flato and his friend Marina Navarro were at the pokies at the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino in Seminole, Florida. After a few unlucky hits on the machine, reports ABC 7, Jan decided to let Marina hit the button for good luck. 

The pair couldn’t believe it when the machine declared the $100,000 jackpot had been won!

Heading to the cashier to pick up the winnings, the Casino regretfully informed Jan that he wasn’t the winner of the money. The security footage clearly showed Marina hitting the button, and by the rules of the Casino – this made her the winner. 

Marina took the money, and offered to split it with Jan. However it seems like the latter is a sore loser and after sending Marina several threatening texts she changed her mind. 

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