Perth mum rushed son to hospital and is fined $1000

Is this extreme penalty justified?

The last thing a mother with a sick child is thinking of doing is buying a parking ticket. Which is exactly why Perth mum Monique Garcia was horrified to discover the fine for $1000 stuck under her windshield.

Penalty notice for $1000 from Perth Hospital
She was parked for 2 hours and received a fine for $1000 (Credit: 7News)

Earlier in the day Monique’s son Nathan had complained of chest pains. Having had a history of heart complications Monique immediately took her son to Perth’s Princess Margaret Hospital. Preoccupied with Nathan, she didn’t buy a parking ticket.

‘(Nathan) was saying his heart was on fire,’ she told 7News.

‘It was such a slap in the face,’ Monique said of the $1000 ticket. ‘We shouldn’t be charged for having sick children… $1000 is totally unethical and extreme.’

Nathan and Monique in hospital
Monique’s son, Nathan, has been in and out of hospitals since he was born with a heart condition. (Credit: 7News)

All of Perth’s hospitals bar one issue $1000 penalties for failure to buy a parking ticket under regulations that were approved in June this year. If paid within 28 days the penalty is reduced to $200.

Following contact from 7News the Health Minister John Day ordered an immediate review.

Health minister announcing review
(Credit: 7News)

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