Red-faced mum tried to scatter nanna’s ashes on windy day

This video captured their nan's wicked sense of humour!
YouTube / Lauren Hopson

This gran had the last laugh when her loved ones tried to scatter her ashes on a windy bridge – only to have her blow right back in their faces!


Liz Hopson and her daughter, Lauren, were traveling around the UK looking for beautiful places to scatter the ashes of Liz’s late mum.

They had decided to capture the emotional farewell, but when Liz raised the urn over the edge of the bridge and shook it the mood was completely ruined when the ashes were caught in a gust of wind and blew back right into Liz’s face!

Liz then had to shake her mum’s ashes out of her hair and off of her face. Peering over the edge of the bridge it looks like Nanna didn’t end up in the water at all, but landed on the metal ledge on the other side of the railing.

After uploading the video to YouTube it has gone viral! And as Liz assures us in her description: ‘As upset as my mom seemed at the time, we both can’t stop cracking up at this.’

It sounds like it was to be expected from their loved one.

My Nanna definitely did it on purpose,’ she writes.

What a legend!

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