Woman who won over $250 million on lottery buys a HOUSE for boy with disabilities and his mother

A beautiful act of generosity.

When Gillian Bayford and ex-hubby Adrian won the lottery in 2012 they were ecstatic. In seconds their lottery ticket had bagged them £148million (roughly $250million AUD).

Gillian runs a property business and that was how she met Jenny McMillan – mother of four-year-old Blake who has a rare genetic disorder, and seven-year-old Faye.

Blake was born with a condition called MECP2 Duplication Syndrome that has meant he cannot walk, talk, or sit and needs round-the-clock care.

Jenny was looking for someplace to live with her family that would make caring for Blake easier.

It was then that Gillian knew how she could put her lottery winnings to good use.

Purchasing a house a few doors up from Jenny’s work, Gillian is using her lottery winning to specially equip the house to help care for Blake as he grows up.

It’s an act of generosity that has blown Jenny away.

‘I was in tears when she told me. I’m so grateful,’ she told MailOnline.

‘I’ll be able to look after Blake in a safe and secure environment and it means the world.

‘In this house I can always be within eye-shot of Blake. Gillian has given me peace of mind.’

Gillian said she was happy to help, and this will help Jenny raise funds to go toward treatment without having to worry about just getting by.

‘Jenny is a complete inspiration. She works so hard and if the fact that I, and the girls here, can help bring Blake here then we’ll do it,’ she says.

‘Everyone in Carnoustie knows Blake. I think this will perk everyone in the town up.’

Jenny raises funds for Reverse Rett, an organisation working to fund research to cure Blake’s condition.

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