Constance Hall shares photos of her post-baby body

‘We should cradle our post-birth tummy’
Facebook/Constance Hall

She only gave birth on May 28 but mummy blogger Constance Hall hasn’t wasted any time in sharing photos of her post-baby body.

Taking to Instagram, who is a proud new mum to her baby boy Raja, shared a video of herself cradling her post-birth stomach.

‘Do you know what’s funny about having a baby? When you’re pregnant, you’re all like, flaunting and cradling your tummy,’ she said in the clip.

constance portrait
(Credit: Facebook/Constance Hall)

‘And the minute you have your baby, you’re like “hide that s***”. But like, we should cradle our post-birth tummy.’

Taking to Facebook just two days after the little boy was born via an elective C-section, Constance admitted that it ‘hurt more than it did last time’.

‘My milk came in yesterday along with my painfully cracked nipples… but with the milk brings a content baby and with the content baby brings this mumma to cloud nine,’ Constance wrote.

constance baby
(Credit: Facebook/Constance Hall)

‘I really struggle when I’m pregnant, I don’t handle any of it well but whenever I have a baby I feel sort of invincible, like if so can survive pregnancy with all of those sad and overwhelming hormones I can survive anything.

‘I know it’s probably my hormones and my pain killers talking but I feel really lucky, so lucky to have everything that I have and you guys play a huge roll in that,’ she told her followers.

‘I read your messages and comments all the time and I don’t know how we developed this huge on line family but I’m bl**** glad we did.’

cosntance post baby
(Credit: Instagram/Constance Hall)

Constance and baby Raja returned home to Perth on 1 June – but before she left hospital, the blogger paid tribute to the medics who helped her through the birth.

‘A very special mention has to be made to the midwives that have looked after us, I’ve had one shave my fanny and empathise over my ingrown hairs with me, I’ve had my hand squeezed as I cried while needles went in my back, my pad and wound constantly checked, blood clots in my wee measured and felt for texture, I’ve had a midwife sit on my bed at 3am when I couldn’t sleep and tell me her dreams and why she became a midwife,’ Constance wrote on Facebook.

constance baby
(Credit: Facebook/Constance Hall)

‘Scary and embarrassing things have felt natural and womanly this last week due to the amazing midwives. I have even had an orderly represent with her Queen T on under her scrubs.

‘Never have I felt so well looked after or at ease amongst women I didn’t know.

‘To all of the employees of Bunbury and Margaret River hospitals thank you so much, I put on a brave face but was extremely nervous inside and you stomped on those nerves and filled them with your professional, calm Queenliness.’

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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