Compulsive liar jailed after poisoning wife with laxatives and robbing his own home

He wove an incredible web of lies.

A man has pleaded guilty to poisoning his wife with laxatives and jailed as his ‘web of lies’ about is past all come tumbling out.

David Smith, 42, a former SAS hero (LIE) and defense contractor (LIE) met his second wife Elizabeth after his ballet-dancer wife (LIE) died (LIE) carrying their unborn child (LIE).

When Elizabeth met David she told the BBC: ‘He was a family man – a wonderful man who came across as so genuine and real.’

But in reality she says: ‘He has got caught up completely in his web of lies.’

In the first 6 months of their relationship, Elizabeth says she started to get very sick. She had migraines, diarrhea, and double vision.

Doctors even thought Elizabeth was suffering from motor neurons disease – a devastating degenerative illness.

Her husband been slipping laxatives into her food, making her ill, and then he used her illness to make himself look compassionate and caring.

‘On one occasion when I was down at his house I was so ill with sickness and diarrhoea. I was in a dreadful mess and he cleaned it all up. I thought ‘you’re a keeper’. What guy at the start of a relationship would do that?’ says Elizabeth.

David Smith was eventually caught out in his lies after staging a break in at his own home following Elizabeth’s discovery that he had stolen money from her bank account.

‘I want people to be aware that there are people like this out there and they are very, very dangerous men. He has taken away five years of my life. It’s heartbreaking.”

How to tell when you’re dating a sociopath:

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