Mum loses baby in fatal shooting at gender reveal party

The shocking attack came out of nowhere.

On a day meant to be one of the happiest of this young woman’s life, horror unfolded as shooters invaded a gender reveal party, injuring 8 people and killing one.

Cheyanne White, 21, of Colerain Township in Cincinnati had just learned that she was expecting a baby boy when two hooded gunmen entered her home and opened fire.

Eight guests, including three children, were injured in the ensuing attack. One guest, Cheyanne’s cousin Autumn Garrett, 22, was tragically killed.

Cheyanne received a bullet to the leg. The trauma of the injury caused her to lose her baby boy, she apparently told Local 12 News.

Family friend, Candice Verga, told WLWT News 5 that she had left the party moments before and says it was a ‘happy’ place. When she heard the shots, she ran back to help.

‘Everybody’s screaming and crying and it’s just all panic and I’m even shaking and everything,’ she told reporter Dan Griffin.

The attackers fled the scene on foot. A police investigation is underway.

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