Car rolls into river after driver leaps out because of large spider

There was nothing the driver could do except watch

When this driver encountered a large spider in their car they did what most of us would do – leap out of the car and do the ‘spider dance’.

But unfortunately for this 18-year-old the worst was yet to come when her Volkswagen began to roll down the Bayview Boat Ramp and into the water. The hapless teenager had only managed to pull the handbrake on half way before escaping the car.

Stuart Cooper witnessed the whole scene from nearby and says he was afraid someone was in the car.

‘I sort of ran over towards yelling out ‘was there anyone in the car’ and she goes ‘no no no a spider dropped on me’,’ he told 7 News.

‘She was really upset, shaking and crying. I said look, it’s happened to me, I’ve had a spider dropped onto my head while driving… many years ago.’

Stuart Cooper spoke to the news after witnessing the event
(Credit: 7 News)

The car ended up completely submerged and had to be towed from the water.

That’s enough about spiders, here’s a puppy:

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