Bride refuses to cater for vegan guests at wedding – is she being unfair?

'What are they going to eat? The lettuce and beans?'
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A bride-to-be has incited fury in an online wedding forum after declaring she refused to cater for her vegan guests.

The anonymous woman said she will not provide vegan options for two of her fiancé‘s friends, who wrote on the invitation that they don’t eat meat.

‘One of my fiancé’s friends wrote all over the RSVP that she and her husband are vegan and included what they don’t eat [and that] if we had any questions to call. That irked me from the start,’ the woman wrote online, according to 9Honey

After reminding her guests to RSVP on Facebook, the vegan couple commented asking for ‘two vegan plates’.

‘We are not making special food accommodations. If our parents needed something, sure. Them? No,’ she added. 

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‘We’re having tacos, catered. Beef, Chicken. So what are they going to eat? The lettuce and beans?’ she went on to ask.

‘I feel like my fiancé should speak to her in advance to let her know what we are having for dinner; they can bring their own food or order from the restaurant (but it’s BBQ lol) at their own cost.’

But the commenters did not agree with the bride’s angry rant.

‘My brother can’t eat tree nuts or peanuts, he will die. I know that’s extreme, but I would think they would be able to at least have some options available for people with dietary needs,’ one person wrote. 

Another said: ‘It’s so easy to do vegan tacos, how is this even a problem?’

What do you think?

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