10-year-old runs a marathon in his house!


Billy White, 10, wasn’t going to let being stuck indoors stop him from running a marathon. Here he shares his story with that’s life!

Watching the news after brekkie, I was amazed. A man quarantined in a hotel had run a 42km marathon – smashing out thousands of laps of his tiny room!

I thought, hopping up. I had nothing better to do!

In grade 5, I hadn’t been to school for a couple of weeks because of the coronavirus.

Boy runs marathon

After running through the playroom and the kitchen, I looped the dining room table, then sprinted to the front door.

Once, I’d hit it, it was time for another lap. ‘What are you doing?’ my parents, Sarah and Simon asked.  ‘A marathon!’ I puffed.

Later on, when Mum took me, my sister, Keira, 12, and brother, Toby, seven, for a walk around the lake near our house, I zoomed past the slowpokes times!

Boy runs marathon

‘You’ve got to keep your energy up, Billy!’ Mum said back home, making me stop to eat a banana, a boiled egg, or slurp down some energy drink.

By 30km, I was pretty tired.   I thought. But I was determined.

Then, at 9pm, after running for 13 hours, and clocking up 58,000 steps, I did the final lap around our block as Mum and Dad cheered me on in the dark.

‘42!’ I yelled proudly, collapsing on the grass.

Now, I’m hoping my epic achievement will go viral – the good way!

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