Save some dollars looking after your pet with these thrifty tips

How to have pets without the painful prices.

We love our pets, but there’s no bones about it – they can be expensive! Follow these handy tips to put more money back in your wallet while making sure your furry friends get the best care.

Opt to adopt

Shelter pets are a great option. Buying from a breeder can cost thousands of dollars. And it’s not just dogs and cats up for adoption, small and  exotic creatures are also
looking for new homes.

Vet your vet

Before just going to the closest vet, phone around and compare costs.

Bulk buy

Once you know which food is right for your furbaby, look at buying in bulk to save money.

Toy ploy

Make your own pet toys. A length of rope, a tennis ball in an old sock, bits of ribbon and scrunched up foil all make for canine or feline fun.

A bit fit

Healthy pets lead better lives  and need fewer vet visits. Walk your dog, play with your cat, give your rabbit or guinea pig a run out of their cage.

Max the vax

Keep vaccinations up to date to protect your pet from problems that could cost a lot more than an annual jab.

Pet hotel

If you go on holiday you want your fur friend well cared for. To avoid boarding costs, ask a friend to pet-sit. Online services like Pawshake can help you find low-cost pet-sitters.

Clean fangs
Brushing your cat or dog’s teeth can add years to their lives. Start early so it becomes part of their routine.

Beware of scams

If you see an ad for a pedigree pooch at a low price, it probably is too good to be true. Dodgy sellers often ask for up-front payments via money transfer for transport and medical bills – money
you’ll never see again. And that cute puppy probably doesn’t even exist. If you suspect a scam, report it at

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