Jogger survives vicious kangaroo attack by playing dead

The 54-year-old was terrified.
Debbie Urquhart

Rising early for a jog, Debbie Urquhart, 54, had barely run 500 metres when she was struck from the side.

Debbie was horrified to discover a 2-metre tall kangaroo bearing down on her.

‘He ripped me to pieces,’ Debbie told the Manningham Leader.

‘He just kept on kicking into me and I was trying to crawl away.’

Terrified the roo was going to attack again, Debbie lay still hoping to convince the marsupial she was dead.

‘He left me for a bit and I thought he was going to come back and kill me.’

Debbie then ran home, covered in bleeding gashes where her husband, Robert, took her to hospital.

debbie in hospital
Debbie had to spend the weekend in hospital. (Credit: Debbie Urquhart)

She received a total of 35 stitches to close the gashes left in her shoulder, arm, and buttocks.

Debbie says she was lucky it wasn’t worse: ‘If he had got to my stomach, I could have been killed.’

She’s expected to make a full recovery and return to her work as a personal trainer.

Debbie is able to walk again after the kangaroo attacked her legs and shoulder. (Credit: Debbie Urquhart)

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