Gable Tostee talks about why he’s back on Tinder

One year after being acquitted of murdering a woman he met on the app, he's back using it

One year after being acquitted of murdering a woman who he met on Tinder, Gable Tostee has broken his silence about why he’s back on the dating app.

Tostee was found not guilty of murdering New Zealand tourist Warriena Wright after she fell to her death from his Gold Coast balcony back in 2014.

Now Tostee, who has changed his name to Eric Thomas, has spoken about why he’s using the app to meet women again.

‘After the charge, it was part of bail conditions, I was prohibited from going on Tinder, and then after the acquittal, I still had a girlfriend,’ he told KIIS 1065 hosts Kyle and Jackie O.

Warriena Wright and Gable Tostee (Credit: Supplied)

When asked whether his checkered past affects his dating prospects, he said most people don’t mind because they know he’s innocent.

‘It’s hard to say, I mean not everyone brings it up at first. I don’t use it as frequently as I used to. I’ve just got an account it’s more of a passive thing these days,’ he said.

‘A lot of the people who approach me in a friendly way, they’re the ones who have done their research. They’ve read the transcript, they’ve listened to all the audio, they’ve delved into it a bit.’

Tostee also addressed a controversial Facebook post he made after the court case was finalised.

‘I put a post up on Facebook saying, “Happy International Women’s Day to all my hoes”… obviously a joke,’ he said.

‘It’s not meant to be misogynistic. I’ve been labelled that but I’ve obviously got nothing against women.’

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