Australian wildlife park urges people to CATCH and hand in Australia’s deadly funnel-web

They show you how to do it too.
Australian Reptile Park

An anti-venom shortage has prompted a call-out for Aussies to catch the deadly spider and turn it over to the Australian Reptile Park on New South Wales’ Central Coast.


The park is the only wildlife sanctuary that milks spiders for their venom, which is a crucial step in creating anti-venoms that save people’s lives.


‘2016 saw the least amount of hand-ins in the park’s history, despite good exposure and community awareness,’ says park ranger Mick Tate.


The Reptile Park has produced a video on how to capture the spiders safely using a jar and a ruler.

Two women have been treated for funnel-web bites in the last few weeks as soaring temperature increase the deadly spider’s activity.


A bite from a funnel-web can kill a man in as little as 15 minutes.


To find out where to drop off captured spiders visit the Australian Reptile Park’s information pages

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