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Wife demands divorce after husband’s TERRIBLE baby name choice

That's just cruel
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An expecting couple is on the brink of divorce after the husband’s absurd suggestion for a baby name.

Posting to online forum Reddit, with the title ‘Divorce on table because husband and I can’t agree on baby name’, the anonymous woman claimed her partner wants to name their first child after his ex-girlfriend.

‘Ever since we found out it’s gonna be a girl my husband wants to name it like his ex’s name. It’s not any ex but the one he dated for long period of time and loved the most,’ the 23-year-old wrote.

‘He really loved her and he never hid that from me but I thought it was over once she moved away.’

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Despite her anger, the woman’s husband allegedly insists he still wants to name the unborn baby girl after his long-lost ex, claiming she could name their second child.

‘When I asked him why does he want that name so badly he said just because he and his ex didn’t work out doesn’t mean he doesn’t want something to keep reminding him of her,’ she added.

The woman’s post was met with understandable outrage – with many people guessing her husband was still in love with his ex.

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‘I’m more concerned about his lack of respect for you as his partner, his number one, his wife. You might try relationship counselling but I suspect his disrespect extends beyond the baby naming issue,’ one person advised.

Another user shared their own similar experience with naming children after an ex-partner.

‘When I was a teenager I found out where my name came from. The feeling of anger, hurt and just flat out resentment towards my dad, has NEVER gone away… So disrespectful to my mother, and as a teen to know your dad doesn’t love your mother!?! It really messed me up for a long time,’ they wrote.

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