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Woman’s rant about ‘Kmart mums’ causes outrage

Are YOU offended?

A woman has caused outrage on Facebook with a no-holds-barred rant against ‘Kmart mums’.

The woman – who posted to a page called Get It Off Your Chest – didn’t hold back when it came to her dislike of those who shop at ‘Kmart, BigW or even worse reject shops’.

‘Parenting 101.. Mothers who shop at Kmart of BigW or even worse reject shops or salvos disgust me and don’t deserve children and should not of had children,’ the woman wrote.

‘I am a teacher’s aide, I see this everyday! Pathetic mummies sending their feral mutts to school with no name Kmart shoes and 2nd hand uniforms and even worse homebrand food!

‘It’s putrid and scabby if you can’t afford brand named food or clothing you’re a failure as a parent and should never of had children in the first place.

‘If this is you than you should be ashamed of yourself,’ [sic] the woman went on.

The rant (pictured) was posted to a page called 'Get it off your chest'
The rant (pictured) was posted to a page called ‘Get it off your chest’ (Credit: Facebook)

‘Yes good parents and teachers and school staff notice and talk about how scabby parents like this are.

‘When I have a child it will only have the best of everything because I will love and care for my child unlike you feral scabby excuses for parents. Don’t like my rant scroll on scabs.’

The woman’s post was shared by others, unsurprisingly causing outrage amongst commenters.

‘She’s a pathetic idiot… Feel sorry for when she has kids,’ one woman wrote.

‘I think a parent’s love means more than the size of the wallet,’ another woman said.

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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