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Woman rides her BIKE to the hospital to give birth

NZ politician Julie Anne Genter cycled while 42-weeks pregnant

A heavily pregnant New Zealand politician has shocked the world after she rode her bike to the hospital to give birth.

NZ’s Minister for Women, Julie Anne Genter, cycled to Auckland City Hospital while 42-weeks pregnant because there ‘wasn’t enough room in the car’.

The plucky mum-to-be said her Sunday morning bike ride put her in a great mood as she prepared to have her baby.

‘Beautiful Sunday morning for a bike ride, to the hospital, for an induction to finally have this baby. This is it, wish us luck!’ she wrote on Instagram.

(Credit: @julieannegenter/Instagram)

Ms Genter – who is a Greens Party MP – actively promoted cycling during her pregnancy and encourages Auckland locals to bike ride around the city.

Her pre-partum cycle has made headlines around the world, with thousands of people congratulating Ms Genter and wishing her well.

‘Congratulations! I cycled on the morning I gave birth (to buy tomato plants from the nursery)! I found cycling in the late stages of pregnancy so much more comfortable and enjoyable than walking,’ one woman wrote.

‘Julie Anne, you’re wonderful and an example to be followed! I hope your delivery was safe and easy and that you and your baby are fully healthy,’ another said.

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