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Woman fed up with coworker stealing milk gets back in the most incredible way

They'll think twice about nicking someone's milk again!
Reddit / Phantom0591

Whether it’s a housemate or a work colleague we have all had the struggle of people taking things from the fridge that just aren’t theirs!

There are many ways to deal with the situation – labelling your food, hunting down the thief and confronting them… but our favourite has to be this woman who performed a sneaky switcheroo!

Repeatedly frustrated by an anonymous thief who consistently pinched her milk from the fridge, this creative mum eventually let them know via a note that what they were nicking wasn’t cream – but her own breastmilk.

Woman leaves note on milk telling thief it is actually breastmilk.
(Credit: Reddit / Phantom0591)

Good morning!

To whomever has been enjoying my coffee creamer all week… Surprise!!! You’ve been drinking my BREAST MILK.

Hope you’ve enjoyed. Cheers!


P.s. It’s organic. So no worries 😉

They’ll definitely think twice before pinching milk in the future!

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