Weird and Wonderful

$16M jackpot – she dreamt the winning numbers!

A dream come true!

Life wasn’t easy for Mary Wollens.

The daughter of struggling Ukrainian immigrants, they moved to Canada where Mary began working as a cleaner aged 14.

She married and had two children, but when Mary was 61, her daughter developed pancreatic cancer.

Mary cared for both her daughter and her husband, who was also ill, before they sadly died within seven months of each other.

Mary was heartbroken.

In September 2006, Mary bought a quick-pick lottery ticket and thought no more of it, until a couple of nights before the draw when she had a strange dream.

Dreamt winning lotto numbers

In it, she saw a large cheque and a lottery ticket with the numbers 1, 10, 18, 24, 31 and 46.

The next morning, she saw they were the exact numbers on her ticket.

Intrigued, she decided to purchase a second ticket using those same numbers.

As she watched the draw on TV, the then-85-year-old retiree began ticking off the numbers. She couldn’t believe it when all her numbers came up!

Dreamt winning numbers

Thanks to her dream, Mary had won on both tickets and pocketed two-thirds of the jackpot – a cool $16 million!

Mary’s first thought was to book an appointment with her hairdresser.

With more time to think, Mary said she’d buy a house then hit Las Vegas to try her luck at the casinos.

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