True Crime

Mum jailed for horrific sex abuse of son since he was four

Just awful.
Getty / LMDC

A 40-year old woman who is remaining unnamed has been handed a 16-year prison sentence after sexually abusing her own young son.

Arrested two years ago, the mother accepted a plea deal which saw her convicted of incest and sexual abuse.

Between the ages of four and seven, the woman’s son endured sexual abuse that saw his mother charges with sodomy and incest.

(Credit: LMDC)

‘I want to thank Metro Police and our Special Prosecutions Unit for handling this horrific case,” Attorny General Andy Beshear said, cited by WAVE3.

‘It’s unimaginable the suffering this victim endured and will endure. This court action held accountable the victim’s abuser and brought some justice for the crimes against the victim.’

As part of her sentencing she will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life.

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