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Man found guilty of murdering his pregnant wife for the SECOND time

She was seven months pregnant at the time

A man has been found guilty of murdering his pregnant wife for the second time.

Former football coach David Mark Temple shot his wife, who was seven months pregnant at the time, so he could be with his mistress back in 1999.

The jury heard that Temple had shot his wife, Belinda, in the back of the head before washing his hands and changing his clothes.

He then took their three-year-old son to the store to establish an alibi before returning home and staging a robbery to cover up his chilling crime.

Just two years after her gruesome death, Temple went on to marry his co-worker Heather Scott.

David Temple and his wife Belinda in happier times before he brutally murdered her (Credit: Supplied)

While he was originally found guilty of murder back in 2007, Temple’s conviction was overturned nine years later because prosecutors had withheld evidence.

Now, more than 20 years on from the brutal murder, Temple has been convicted for a second time following a lengthy retrial.

During the testimony, Belinda’s sister and close friends had stated that David had made fun of his wife for gaining weight during her pregnancy and that she feared her husband didn’t want the baby. 

Belinda also had suspicions that her husband had been cheating which were confirmed when David declared his love for his co-worker three days before he took her life.

Temple faces up to life in prison for the second time.

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