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Boy, 18, admits to torturing newborn puppy to death

So disgusting

An 18-year-old boy has appeared in court, admitting to torturing his family’s newborn puppy to death after putting her in a clothes dryer.

Jeremy Lindsey admitted to counts of killing a domestic animal and torturing a domestic animal on Tuesday, at a court hearing in Indiana, US.

The Metro reported how Lindsey had struck a plea deal, meaning a separate count of killing a domestic animal was dropped in return for his admission.

The shocking incident occurred back in January this year after Lindsey complained he felt sick while at school, resulting in his mum, Danielle Chub, taking him home.

Chub went back to work, returning home later that evening where Lindsey told her that the three-week-old pup called Cammie had died.

The dog’s corpse was lying on the coach and appeared ‘scraped up’ leading Chub to initially wonder if Cammie had been hit by a car.

WSBT reported that the mum realised Cammie had been deliberately killed by Lindsey when she discovered blood and dog hair in her clothes dryer.

She and her husband, Justin Duis, then called the police.

Lindsey admitted to killing Cammie, claiming it was because the dog was ‘being mean’ to the family’s pet cat.

He is due to be sentenced next month and faces up to five years for killing the dog.

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