Sophie Delezio looks amazing 15 years after horrific tragedy

She attended her Year 12 formal!
Getty Images

Young burns survivor Sophie Delezio has stunned at her high school formal, 15 years after the tragedy that almost took her life.

Sophie, now 17, sustained burns to 85 per cent of her body, lost both feet and one hand when a driver crashed into her childcare centre in Sydney in December 2003.

The gorgeous toddler fought for her life and defied the odds – only to be hit by a car at a pedestrian crossing just three years later at age five.

Despite her horrific injuries, Sophie has been able to tick off important milestones like any other teenager.

She is now preparing for the HSC, has a part-time job as a cashier, gained her driver’s license and attended her Year 12 formal.

Sophie looked beautiful in a floor-length lilac dress, her long brown hair swept to the side.

It was an incredibly emotional day for young Sophie, who has lived a life well beyond her 17 years.

She is celebrating the end of her schooling years with a group of close friends, one of which she credited on Instagram as someone who ‘changed my life forever’.

‘10 years ago I met the woman who has changed my life forever. We met each other as little girls outside of a canteen line in year 2 and now here we are, going into our last week of high school and celebrating our 10 year anniversary!’ Sophie wrote.

‘Every time I think of us a rush of happiness and greatness rushes over me. Am I the luckiest person in the world because I have you. You make every second I’m with you the best seconds of my life.’

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