Young sisters found living in squalid conditions ate styrofoam to survive


Two children have been found in conditions so bad that police described them as ‘disgusting’.

The sister, Diana, 5, and Anya, 1, were found living in an apartment with their mother and boyfriend in Dnipro, central Ukraine.

Neighbours had alerted police over the squalid conditions that they said were ‘appalling.’

Yahoo News reported how police arrived at the home on November 21 and a police source described how, ‘The stench in the room was horrific and it was difficult to breathe.’

They continued, ‘The toilet was not working at all in the flat and the family used the bathtub instead, the tub was covered with a thick layer of dirt and infested with worms.’

According to MEAWW, the girls were not fed properly and were rushed to hospital where they were diagnosed with malnutrition and lice.

Pictures of the apartment
Police described the apartment as ‘disgusting’ (Credit: Police of Ukraine)

Paediatrician Liya Segeda explained how the girls’ stool samples contained ‘styrofoam, wallpaper and other objects.’

She said, ‘They ate everything they could find in the apartment. Here, in the hospital, the sisters saw a potty and clean bedclothes for the first time.’

The girls’ mother and her partner have not been identified, but local media outlets have reported that social services will be fighting to revoke the parental rights.

Ludmila Kopylenko, a spokesperson for the police, told The Sun, ‘The children ate properly once per month. Their mother spent the rest of the money of alcohol.’

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