Mum makes hilarious X-rated blunder while trying to sell wardrobe online

Can you spot it?

A mum has made a hilarious blunder while trying to sell her wardrobe online.

Twitter user Sophie Eke was in stitches after realising the X-rated surprise hidden in her mother’s picture.

The UK woman had been attempting to sell a chests of drawers and wardrobes online, and had taken a few photographs.

It wasn’t until she uploaded the pictures onto social media when she realised the horrible mistake.

Unbeknownst to her, a tiny mirror on the wall was reflecting the woman’s naked breasts.

She only realised the mistake when a kind Facebook user alerted her to the inadvertent nudity.

‘I don’t mean to be rude but I thought I’d let you know… it seems there are some boobs in the mirror!’ the stranger said.

Horrified, the woman texted her daughter Sophie – resulting in a viral Twitter post.

‘Nice one mum,’ she said, adding laughing emojis.

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